Episode #28 – #AskNeal About The Blue Jackets

Its the first week of the Stanley Cup Playoffs and the gang is fired up for the Columbus Blue Jackets! After tieing up the series with the Penguins, people are starting to take notice to the hard working blue collar team made up of Kings and Rangers rejects.

Geeta, Dave and Ryan discuss their dislike of the Pittsburgh Penguins, Sidney Crosby’s Team Canada, pointless hockey tournaments and a look at the exciting initial games of the 2014 NHL Playoffs

And what happened to Simone Gange? That is Geeta’s burning question this week on the podcast.


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Episode #27 – Trevor Linden: Yes We Can!

The Vancouver Canucks name Trevor Linden president of the team and the black clouds over Rogers Arena are instantly replaced with glowing optimism.

Ryan, Dave and P Mac get together all fired up for the mean nothing games that always fill the final weekend of the NHL regular season and the upcoming NHL Playoffs.

This week’s podcast starts with Stu Walters interviewing Portland Winterhawks’ Brendan Leipsic about his second period power play goal.

They also discuss some scary rough stuff at the end of the Victoria Royals / Portland Winterhawks second round WHL Playoff series that saw Portland’s Nic Petan and Victoria’s Joe Hicketts knocked out on the ice.

A lot of the podcast is discussing just what Trevor Linden as president can mean for the team and the fans and who could stay and could go regarding the coaching staff.

They also rattle off their picks for the first round of the playoffs if they started today, and if the series wind up the way they are, Ryan has promised to make a big bet on the Columbus Blue Jackets.


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Episode #26 – Born On The FM Waves

Is the Vancouver Canucks’ season over?

How wild are the parties Tomas Tatar throwing in Darren Helms’ apartment?

Ryan, Geeta & P Mac on the Street get together to discuss an unusual time for Canucks fans. Is it a time for change or a time to retool the team currently dressed.

We look back at the old Canucks PPV games and Ryan’s newfound love for Sam Reinhart.

The gang also looks back at the (awful?) series finale of How I met Your Mother and Paul sums up the series in a whole pretty perfectly!


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Episode #25 – Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Clip Show!

Ben Scrivens doesn’t want your soiled Oilers jersey, Edmonton!

Ryan and P Mac on the street welcome you to this week’s podcast after an eventful Battle of Alberta in Edmonton Saturday night. An angry Taylor Hall, a discarded jersey and more!

This epsiode takes a look back at some of the great moments of the first twenty five episodes of Pucks on net.

Highlights include:

- Dave loves Daltron Thrower’s truculence (Episode 11)
- Sheila, John Tortorella, and a ringing cell phone (Episode 3)
- Jim Robson and the Streakers (Episode 21)
- Jeff laces up w/ Gilbert Brule (Episode 13)
- John Ashbridge recalls Milan Lucic joining the Vancouver Giants (Episode 9)
- Ryan getting kicked out of GM Place w/ his mom’s drunk boyfriend (Episode 1)
- Ryan and Sheila both want to party with the Oilers (Episode 3)
- Cuddle Puppy talks hip hop with Ryan & Dave (Episode 9)
- The dark plot of the Mighty Ducks (Episode 5)
- Mike Comrie’s Brick empire (Episode 12)
- The Pucks on net Christmas Party (Episode 14)
- Sheila’s love for the alpha male, Todd Bertuzzi (Episode 11)


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Episode #24 – Late Period Comebacks & Candy

The Ottawa Senators were on the wrong side of history on March 15th. No other team ever gave up three goals in the final minute and lost. Dave, Geeta and Ryan sit and talk about the big win for the Montreal Canadiens with a table full of candy.

Koala Cups, sour soothers, Junior Mints and Big League Chew, you name it, it was consumed on this week’s podcast. In the hours following the Roberto Luongo vs. Eddie Lack shootout dual, the gang discusses the week that was with the Canucks and their troubles to keep momentum towards the end of the season.

They talk about the Portland Winterhawks and the success they’re expected to have going into the first round of the playoffs against the Vancouver Giants. Ryan discusses his love for the Victoria Royals organzation and how important an accessible team store is to a WHL franchise.

The Utica Comets came to town but people seemed to forget to get tickets.  All this and more on this week’s podcast!


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Episode #23 – The Islanders Effect

The New York Islanders come to town on a Monday night and everything goes to hell.

Ryan and Dave get together and chat about the ongoing saga that is the 2013-14 Vancouver Canucks season. Sheila calls in to talk about the game and the awful week the Canucks have had since the trade deadline as well as the bachelor.

P Mac in the street calls in and we chat about the Canucks organization firing the catering staff at Rogers Arena.

They also touch on the tenth anniversary of the Steve Moore incident, the mystery of Tim Thomas and much more.


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Ryan chats with Fiona Forbes on CKNW’s ‘The Shift’

Ryan joined Fiona Forbes on The Shift on CKNW 980 on Wednesday, March 5th to discuss the Vancouver Canucks and the fallout that came following the trade deadline.

(Conversation begins at 9min 30sec)

PON Special Report: LIVE at the Deadline!


The NHL Trade Deadline is over. Ryan and Paul get together to talk about the trades that happened (Roberto Luongo) and the trades that didn’t happen (Ryan Kesler).

They go over Roberto Luongo’s time in Vancouver and take a look at the other deals made around the NHL.

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Episode #22 – Jim Robson & John Ashbridge Part 2

Eight hours after Team Canada defeated the Swedes 3-0 to win the gold medal, the gang gathers, sleep deprived and hung over from earlier in the morning. 

We chat about our night watching the game at a bar on Granville open late (but not serving alcohol) and the great atmosphere it was despite the 4am start.

It’s also part 2 of our interview with Jim Robson and John Ashbridge. In this episode, Jim talks about the old Chicago Stadium and the 1982 Canucks team, the New Westminster Bruins and the old Queen’s Park arena, one of the most colourful characters in Canucks history, Gary Smith and so much more!


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Episode #21 – Jim Robson & John Ashbridge Part 1


The long time voice of the Vancouver Canucks, Jim Robson and Vancouver Canucks and Giants public address announcer John Ashbridge join the podcast this week.  They sit down with Geeta, Sheila, Dave and Ryan to talk all about hockey in Vancouver over the years.


From the old Western Hockey League Vancouver Canucks, to the failed expansion draft bid in 1967 and the protests that followed from Vancouver hockey fans, Jim Robson tells it all without missing a beat.


Stories of streakers at the Pacific Coliseum during Hockey Night in Canada to Andre The Giant at the Penthouse looking to beat up Jim, the first half of this interview is fantastic!

Jim also talks about a memorable night when the Philadelphia Flyers hopped the glass at the Coliseum and took on some fans, as well as talks about the troubles they faced calling the 1994 Stanley Cup Finals from deep inside the balcony in Madison Square Garden surrounded by New York fans in blue shirts!

Part 2 of the interview comes next week!


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